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Understanding your bodies requirements is vital to taking care of yourself. As with most things in life, you can’t expect to do your best by winging it, knowing what to do and, more importantly, what to avoid, will keep you on the right track and save you from unnecessary heartache. As food allergies are more common than ever in the UK, diagnosis is becoming a key step in understanding how to look after our bodies.

What is a Food Allergy Test?

Food allergy tests are lab-driven tests ( that determine how your body reacts to certain common food allergens. With hundreds of potential allergens in the world of food, the only way to know for sure what is causing an allergic reaction is to test yourself against all of them.

Several Options For Testing

There are several options for food allergy testing. The first is a skin prick test. This uses small allergen samples under the skin to elicit a reaction in your body by creating a rash. When it comes to food allergens, this isn’t always the best result and can be dangerous if performed incorrectly. Another option — with better results — is a blood test. This uses a sample of blood to rest against hundreds of food ingredient allergens to determine which ones cause an adverse reaction. The least popular option is a hair root test. This uses a sample of hair (with the root) to determine which ingredients cause a reaction.

Get Fast and Effective Results

With food allergy testing, you get concrete results in very little time. This gives you freedom over your diet and food choices again. Your results will show in intricate detail what makes your body react and why. This can help you avoid any future allergic reactions with food, which is great for those who have a history of moderate to severe reactions. Since one reaction doesn’t truly tell you how future reactions may turn out — i.e: a mild reaction can quickly grow into a severe one — knowing which foods to avoid is critical for your safety.

You’ll have a Better Understanding of Your Own Body

If you decide to complete an allergy test, you’ll understand your body and your symptoms much clearer. This can make you less frustrated with the whole ordeal – instead of wondering why you’re feeling so rubbish, you’ll know what you’ve eaten to cause any symptoms and feel more empowered.

Having a food allergy is serious and important to know, but once you get the test results back, you can back in control of your own body and you’ll be able to improve your overall quality of life as a result.

Food Allergies Are Serious

Food allergies are serious and can lead to more dangerous reactions than just a skin rash or stomach ache. They can even result in difficulty breathing. Allergies can create no end of problems and potential dangers for your body, so getting accurately tested is paramount for long-term health and safety. Food allergy testing is fast, safe, and easy. It could unlock a better life, symptom-free life.

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