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Built on a simple ethos, at Sensitivity Check, the expert lab technicians are dedicated to helping customers to find a healthier version of themselves, and our team works hard to help people find their happiness and improve their wellbeing. Encouraging our customers to improve their diet and healthy lifestyle, we offer an intolerance test to help people identify which foods they have an intolerance to.

What Sensitivity Check is about?

The expert team at Sensitivity Check is piling all of its experience into helping people restore their body’s natural balance. Our intolerance test involves bioresonance technology, which is used as a non-invasive alternative to testing food intolerances. AT Sensitivity Check, we test a small sample of hair, analysing up to 600 food and non-food items.

The rise of food intolerances

Around the world, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise in food intolerances. We have seen an increasing number of people who are beginning to struggle with intolerance symptoms and so are looking at purchasing an intolerance test. Throughout the whole process of doing an intolerance test, we help our customers to manage their intolerance symptoms, as they identify exactly what their intolerances are. In just four simple steps, our customers are well on their way to transforming their bodies from the inside out.

Symptoms of food intolerance

If you are experiencing symptoms like a bloated stomach, headaches or migraines then you may be suffering from symptoms of food intolerance. We can help you to identify which foods are causing you these symptoms and help you to eliminate them from your diet. Providing you with a comprehensive and detailed report, you will receive advice on how to exclude certain items from your meals.

For more information on intolerance testing, you can log on to and order an intolerance test to find out your food intolerances. 


This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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