Kick Off the Year Right with a Food Intolerance Test | Sensitivity Check

A new year is fast approaching and with it, many of us are planning a new approach to our diets. After a few days (or weeks) of indulging over the holidays, we’re looking for ways to undo all the damage in January. One way to help you get back on track is with a food intolerance test. Here’s how a test can help you start off the new year on the right foot.

Why Get a Food Intolerance Test?

How a Food intolerance test can help you lose weight

Many people suffer from food intolerances and are completely in the dark about it. You could be enduring needless bloating, gas, or even diarrhoea from unnoticed food intolerance.

If you’re constantly struggling with these symptoms it can hold you back from other health goals. Bloating can prevent you from going to the gym – who wants to jog on a bloated stomach? Gas can trick you into thinking you’re consuming too much fibre and diarrhoea can leave you dehydrated.

Why straight after the holidays is the perfect time

You may be surprised to hear that straight after the holidays is the perfect time to take a food intolerance test. After indulging in several foods that we might restrict throughout the rest of the year, it can allow our bodies to respond to these food items and help us identify an intolerance.

People can even build up an intolerance over the Christmas season, by eating the same foods every day – such as turkey, chocolate or mince pies. It’s not unusual for overconsumption of a single food to cause a build-up of an intolerance.

Why Food intolerance Tests are on the Rise

Food intolerance tests are becoming more commonplace now as the science behind the tests is researched more and more. The timing has never been more apt for getting a food intolerance test. Don’t miss this perfect window of opportunity!

This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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