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If you are struggling with symptoms similar to stomach issues like bloat, nausea or headaches then it is likely that you are suffering from a food intolerance, and even more specifically, a dairy intolerance. There are many ways you can identify a food intolerance thanks to Sensitivity Check. We offer a range of tests for you and your family which look for which items could potentially be causing your intolerance symptoms. Check out below some key advice which will help you to deal with your intolerance symptoms, often caused by dairy.

Coping with dairy intolerance

Coping with a dairy intolerance is unfortunately too common in a world where most meals contain dairy. But what do you know about a dairy intolerance? And did you know how it varies from a dairy allergy? Check it out here. Food intolerance is different from a dairy allergy as an allergy could be life-threatening, but intolerance to dairy will just make uncomfortable symptoms which severely affect the way you live.

Learning you have a dairy intolerance

You are likely looking to order an intolerance test if you have a dairy intolerance. If so, then you might find it a bit daunting if you are diagnosed with a dairy intolerance. If you are feeling funny after eating any foods, and are aware that you might be suffering from symptoms which include a bloated stomach, diarrhoea and possibly stomach cramps. These are all incredibly uncomfortable and can affect both your work and social life.

So, to begin with, if you have had a dairy intolerance, then you should order an intolerance test with Sensitivity Check, which helps you discover exactly which and what items you may have a food intolerance or a food sensitivity to. They will be able to help you in a reduction or elimination diet in order to stop symptoms and leave you feeling a happier, healthier you as you get that one step closer to health.

There is some good news

Well, it is not all bad news if you have a food intolerance. But do you want the good news? Here it is: If you believe that you may have a dairy intolerance, and in particular intolerance to cheese or milk, then do not panic, our detailed and comprehensive intolerance report should allow you to revolutionise your diet.

There is plenty of items to swap milk with, Like almond milk with a slightly nutty taste. Or maybe even rice milk made up of nearly 14% rice to act as your replacement for milk if you have a dairy intolerance which you suffer from.

Do you think having an allergy or an intolerance test would be beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing? Order now from www.sensitivitycheck.com and get one step closer to health

This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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