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It is always important to know what might be causing your body to suffer from certain symptoms, such as a headache, bloated stomach, and runny nose. These symptoms are not life-threatening but they do impact the way you live your life. They often present themselves due to food intolerance, so it is important you can identify what is causing these symptoms. Take a look below at what a test for food intolerance can do for you.

Knowing your intolerances

It is important to identify your food intolerances because you need to know what is causing you to feel ill and affect the way you live. If you have a bloated stomach every time you eat your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant then it is likely that you have developed a food intolerance to that particular item. Please be careful and watch out what foods you are eating as avoiding them could be the key to you having a brighter future. If you would like a test for food intolerance then you can order one here.

Knowing your allergies

Knowing your intolerances is vitally important, but knowing your allergies is definitely more important. If you think you may have an allergy then we recommend you immediately consult your doctor as it could be life-threatening. A test for food allergies from your doctor may be able to help you identify what is making you feel ill. A recent story in Manchester highlighted this. A diner who was out to eat began to feel ill and suffered chest pains. It turned out it was a food allergy as the diner had eaten gluten-free garlic bread which in fact turned out to be gluten bread.

This proves how important it is that you know what is in your foods. Of course, we would love for restaurants to be able to clearly label items correctly and include every single ingredient so that you know exactly what you are eating. Unfortunately, this still does not happen, so we do recommend that homemade foods are the best. Remember, if you think you may have a food allergy then we recommend you have an allergy.

Do you want a test for food intolerance?

If you would like to identify what items cause your intolerance symptoms then you can always take a test for food intolerance to try and identify what foods you need to avoid. Common ingredients which cause distress and discomfort include wheat, barley, and grass. Identify your intolerances here.

If you would like to know more about a test for food intolerance then log on to www.sensitivitycheck.com and please click here.

This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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