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Bloating is one of the most common symptoms our customers report. But common doesn’t mean you should be expected to suffer in silence. Many people suffering from a bloated stomach, you could be living with food intolerance. But regardless of what is causing your bloated stomach, the methods of avoiding it remains the same.


Tips for a Bloated Stomach

Avoid swallowing air when eating: You may not realize it, but when we eat, we’re not just swallowing food. Air gets gulped down as well. Using straws can also be a contributor to the problem as we end up sucking air before the drink!
Have smaller meals throughout the day: Reducing the size of your meals might help with bloating for some people. if you notice that eating big meals tends to make you feel uncomfortable, then try smaller portions. Add another meal to your day if necessary.
Try a low FODMAP diet: This is a winner for those suffering from IBS (which bloating is a common symptom of). There have been several studies on FODMAP foods are showing that the indigestible carbohydrates called FODMAPs can drastically exacerbate symptoms such as bloating.
Reduce sugary alcohols: If you’re a booze fan, you’re not alone, roughly 60% of Britons regularly consume alcohol. But the sugars in these drinks could be the reason you’ve been feeling so bloated. Try staying sober for a few weeks if you suspect it’s the culprit of your bloated stomach.
Avoid Constipation: Not that anyone actively seeks it, but if you’re struggling to digest food, then your stomach is only going the get backed up, causing you discomfort. Getting plenty of fibre in your diet will fix you up here.
Enhance your diet: a well-rounded diet, with enough probiotics, fibre and plenty of fruit and veggies could be all you need to beat the bloat. Also avoiding anything with an antispasmodic can stop your muscles in your digestive tract from spasming.
Find out your food allergies and intolerances. Learning which foods your body is reacting to specifically can give you an idea on what to avoid. If you’re intolerant to a specific food (i.e. your body struggles to digest it), then simply avoiding that food might get rid of you bloating altogether.

This article was written by Donna, our Nutritionist / Care Manager

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